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SEO Digital Marketing Agency

Search Engine Marketing has significantly grown due to the increase in digital marketing approaches that can promote new websites. The two main players in the game of online marketing are Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per click Marketing. They have developed greatly over the past year with a great chuck of help coming from digital marketing.

The traffic that has been sent to sites using digital marketing has quadrupled recently, increasing the need for businesses to adopt this approach for successful online campaigns. SEO digital marketing agencies are experts in the field and are the people that small business start ups should be hunting down to increase their returns on investment they made when setting up the companies.

With an intense level of competition that new start-ups have to face, the help of an SEO agency will certainly will prove to be worthwhile in regards to business profitability. Agencies use greater and more advanced methods and online marketing agency’s can deliver the right results and can help the company to receive more traffic than they normally would get, which is ideal and can improve the amount of business traffic.

Pay per click campaigns are organised in a way which can help a business to achieve more margins when it comes down to the amount of visits by future users. Part of the online marketing service will be to promote a client’s business on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, which are some of the most popular social media platforms around and this type of marketing will have an impact on a company’s reputation which can help to get better deals from clients.

With a high growth rate, the new business start up can recognise better revenues in a short period of time and can increase its reach to other potential avenues. An agency can improve visibility and rankings in search engine domains such a Google and Yahoo which will then ultimately increase the number of clicks of the business website by users who use search engines for a variety of reasons.

With SEO, companies can look forward to a rewarding online business experience through the support from marketing agencies which can overcome the barriers that could potentially affect the growth of the company. Digital Marketing agencies can improve brand reputation with positive methods of promotion which can be done by professional bloggers on several sites. Creating incoming links from popular websites will increase potential customers that will visit a company’s website.

Providing a variety of services such as link building, content building and keyword research a digital marketing agency will lead you down the right road so your website will potentially become a dominant force online. It is important to choose a reputable digital marketing agency that can handle promotions for your online business.

Arenas in Digital Marketing

Introduction to digital marketing:

Digital Marketing can be defined as promoting of brands or products and services using all forms of digital advertising. Digital marketing uses Television, Radio, Internet, mobile and any form of digital media to reach customers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner.

Ways to do digital marketing:

1. Search Engine Optimization

2. PPC

3. Email Marketing (factors such as subject line, quality, and personalization are matters)

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Digital Display Marketing

6. Mobile Marketing

7. Content Marketing (It also includes blogs, eBooks, webinars, White papers and a variety of other outlets.)

8. Traditional Marketing Methods

Strategies and their Introduction:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO helps to make a website to be founded in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for desired Keywords. SEO helps to build a brand.

Process: Measurable link-building and the creation of quality viral content are respectable marketing processes that work.

SEO’s return on investment (ROI) fluctuates as PPC (see below) rises and falls, and organic search results are more trusted than paid advertising.

That’s why SEO is more worthwhile over time. This includes:

• Keyword Analysis

• On page optimization (optimizing a website in page level)

• Off page optimization (building quality back links to web site and to web pages)

• Building authority for brand terms (This includes company profiles in major Social networks)

• Website health checkups (checking technical issues)

• Analytics Reports (Provides how our campaigns are working by seeing traffic)

2. PPC:

PPC helps to get traffic from Search Engines for targeted keyword terms. The benefit of this process is that, we are going to pay only for the clicks that we have received.

Google AdWords is the most popular PPC program.

Strategy: Identifying converting keywords, effective bidding process to keep the costs low etc…

PPC marketing provides instant results because it generates visitors quickly and also lets you measure your budget and ROI appropriately. Becoming well-versed in Google AdWords helps your company take full advantage of the potential benefits of PPC marketing.

3. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is most traditional form of digital marketing, yet it gives exceptional results if we can personalize every email.

Important things to consider:

Step 1: gathering email IDs list. (Offering something like a PDF, eBook etc… , at our website, can be helpful to gather recipients email IDs.)

Step 2: A service like, can be handy for instant reply messages and managing newsletter campaigns.

Step 3: Personalization is very important for a successful email campaigns. Personalization should be in Subject line, Body of the Message.

And the factors like catchy “Subject line” and “brief message” motivates the recipient to visit the targeted page.

News Letters: They are a wonderful way to engage with our community by sending weekly or monthly newsletters.

4. Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is the most and the very cost effective digital marketing strategy to engage with existing customers and to build a brand name across different Social Media communities.

First, define your goals. What are you trying to get out of social media?

Strategy: This starts with identifying right channels for the type of business we are in.

Step 1: creating business profiles on Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & Pinterest

Step 2: using photo sharing services like Flicker, Instagram etc…

using video sharing services like YouTube, Vimeo etc…
using PPTs sharing service like SlideShare…
using PDF sharing services like, etc…

Step 3: Starting activities which represents your company business sector.

Step 4: Building a community at these third party Social Sites.

Step 5: Develop an editorial calendar to plan when posts go up, or manage your social media content stream through a platform such as Hoot suite.

5. Digital Display marketing:

• This includes paid advertisements (mostly image banner ads and video ads) on websites, portals, blogs which related to our industry.

• This works well because the pages displaying these advertisements are conveying something throughout their website, which is our business industry. So, the rate of converses is good in this process.

• With this display marketing we can raise traffic from the ad providing site and thus we might gain some leads with conversion rate strategies.

6. Mobile Marketing:

Before going to start this campaign we need to be sure that can we offer our services which can be accessible through mobile phones? If yes, then optimize your site for mobile phones.

• Optimizing website for mobile is important.

Mobile marketing includes… mobile search, content presentation (optimized site), display ads (PPC) and mobile compatible emails.

7. Content Marketing:

Content Marketing is a popular trend in digital marketing as it includes blogs, eBooks, webinars, White papers and a variety of other outlets.

All these are signals for freshness of the website. Google likes the sites which updated frequently and provides great deal of info.

The information that we provide should answer some question or show some solutions to a problem. So that it will gain respect and can be shared at online.

Note: This content marketing alone will work with almost all other online marketing campaigns.

8. Traditional Marketing Methods:

Digital marketing not only depends on internet. Apart from that it extends beyond this by including other channels such as mobile phones or cell phones, display banner ads, SMS /mms and digital outdoor etc…
All of these can be effectively used to build a brand name for an organization. Most of these are paid and when we have some campaign regards any public service that we can offer, we can get coverage by the following media for free of cost. In other words, they are earned.

Television: Advertisements (paid)

Radio: Advertisements (paid)

Newspapers: Advertisements (paid) and News created by any activity done by organization (earned).

News created by a program which offers some of the services to public for free (earned)

Magazines: Advertisements (paid)


Strategies made for an organization are completely depends on their business model, the products they offering and the types of services they offer etc… However these are main and most used methods in best digital marketing service and we can inter relate them for any desired results.

To meet your online business targets, A leading SEO, SMM, PPC, ORM and digital marketing professional from India Mr Srinivas Sarakadam is offering a wide range of SEO services with a complete strategic planning your site to reach the desired identification among the millions. He will help you with all the marketing and SEO needs that are essential for your company.

3 Digital Marketing Strategy Principles Your Business Needs This 2015

In previous years, digital marketing has been an important aspect of business innovation, and the year 2015 should be no exemption. If you have a website and aim to make it more profitable this year and the coming years, here are 3 digital marketing strategy recommendations you should highly consider investing in:

1. Instagram and Twitter Engagement
It’s not enough that you have social media pages for your business. Of course, you have to maintain their posts so you can consistently engage with your audience and even invite a higher following online. Your Twitter account can be used to create product hashtags and make them trend worldwide. You can also use it for tracking the performance of your competitors, through following their pages, for example, or re-using hashtags that are already popular in your specific industry.

Aside from Twitter, you should also have an Instagram account. Although it’s just a photo-sharing app, you can’t ignore the fact that such a social media platform has a total of 200 million active monthly users (according to! This is all thanks to the younger generation of today who log in to Instagram several times a day. Go ahead and share your brand content in IG to be one step ahead in the digital marketing game.

2. Facebook Lookalike Audience and Re-Marketing
Facebook certainly has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. Page likes, shares, and status posts aren’t the only reasons your business should be active in this social networking site. If you haven’t tried or heard about the Facebook lookalike audience, 2015 can be the perfect time to start including it on your digital marketing strategy plans. This feature lets you set up another set of audience that may have similar interests to your main audience. By clicking Custom Audiences, you can choose other people from different countries and reach out to them through the ads that you post.

Re-marketing, on the other hand, works with the help of a Sales force website tracing cookie. In a layman’s term, once a customer visits your website, exits from it, and logs in to his Facebook account, he can see an ad pertaining to your website. This ad then serves as your website’s re-marketing campaign, and do you know what its huge advantage is? Your website’s bounce rates will still return possible profits from FB’s display advertising!

3. Consistent Email Marketing
Email blasts go a long way in grabbing the attention of your audience. Just make sure they contain compelling content and graphics. How many email blasts do you send every month? Consider doubling them. Increase your email marketing campaigns this year to have a more constant communication with your target market.

Most importantly, you should never give up on creating high-quality content for the web. Through well-written blog posts and effective SEO strategies, your website will always be on top of the digital marketing competition. So, let the right professionals do these crucial tasks for you.

Digital Marketing Strategies

You may have probably heard the statement many times as “it is not working”.

However, some people require a very little effort while others require a lot of time, efforts & money in order to promote their businesses, websites or brands.

It is pivotal to focus. When it comes to this concept, then there are numerous things to consider. Let us talk about content marketing that is also pivotal in the niche of Internet marketing.

When we talk about the buzz phrase in digital marketing that has been “content is everything” over so many years. As business owners, everyone knows very well is that the only thing which is constant is “change”. With this, content marketing has been embraced. Well, there is a slew of contents that are responsible to create noise & assaulting our sense as customers. Now, the time has come when we should maximize our horizon & build content that engages the readers.

What or what not kind of digital marketing strategies can work for your business? There is no doubt that people do want information in a quick & easy form that includes info-graphics, videos, images, pictures, etc. People have not sufficient time to consume information that requires a heavy time investment. Quick bursts can effectively summarize the topic far more effective than a long document.

There is nothing bad to promote your website, especially if you are running a startup company. So, share your articles on well-known websites, then on a shared pages just add a badge. If you still have no idea regarding the concept, then it is not at all your fault. Here is the secret strategy that very few marketers are using it. There is an app- Start-afire that allows to add a badge with each external link that you share. When the audience clicks the external links that you shared in the profiles of social media or personal blogs, with the help of that, they will see the badge on the actual page. Therefore, all you need to do is to use the app i.e. Start-afire in order to share the articles from authoritative websites. Just wait for traffic to come in. Now, the audience can see the branded badges on the articles, thus, they can easily relate your brand with top-tier websites.

Everyone wants information as fast as possible. Due to the reason that an image speaks thousands of words without saying a single word. Undoubtedly, we are in a habit of throwing so many words at the audience and a few words can actually make an impact on them. An imperfect information results in minimal attention & traffic. All you need to do spread the information through the right channel. The relevant & right content can make a huge difference and create an astonishing impact only with few words.

The next thing is that you must have supporters to spread your message. In the endeavor of shares, follows & likes, it is important to build the content that connects your audience emotionally. Just say your words in the plain language, say it quickly & say it well. No matter how your content looks like, it is pivotal that the content has to be exciting.

Honestly speaking, this is one of the major causes that you surely ruin your image with constant use of that sort of sentences as in “I can do this & do that” in your content. Every small business website entering each product or service that could be produced by the business is the signal. The potential customer has got to find out something that they want from that list. Right? Exactly! For instance, a small business renders marketing services lists, including graphic design, SEO, web development, direct mail, promotional products, etc.It would be tricky for even a large company in order to beat the competency among their competitors.

In order to advertise our products & services, it is great to tell everyone about it. This is something that everyone is following. Nevertheless, we need to realize that it is not about us, but it is all about entertaining our audiences & readers through content as they must be so convinced to buy the tickets of our movie.

Digital Marketing Solutions That Are A Few Steps Ahead Of Today’s Times

The decade and a half has completely changed the way companies invest their marketing dollars. Most online marketing companies invest a small percentage in traditional media outlets to sell their products to their targeted customers and markets. But the largest slice of the marketing budget pie is invested in powerful and customized digital marketing solutions. Marketers want to communicate directly with their consumers by following them online and establishing contact with them more directly through websites, apps, social media, and the likes.

Customized Solutions Based Predictive Consumer Behavior

It is imperative for marketers to decipher how potential buyers are behaving, where they can be found and what devices they are currently using. Success in marketing in today’s digital world comes from understanding consumer behavior and psychology. By using the right digital marketing solutions, they can create more impactful marketing strategies by interpreting consumer behavior accurately.

Online marketing in today’s digital marketing landscape involves creating and utilizing a whole gamut of software systems and apps. With the support of the best global IT service providers, with unrivaled experience in iOS apps development expertise and ability to create strategies based on your specific marketing needs can help you achieve your immediate and long term marketing goals.

The Right Formula For Digital Marketing Success

Thoughtful designing of websites is essential to give more teeth to your marketing strategies. Engage the services of a web development company in India that has the ability to combine inventiveness with seamless user experience. A finely balanced combination of creativity, instinct and understanding customer behavior can help in developing and launching a highly successful online media campaign.

It has become imperative for modern marketers to follow and engage with consumers online. The new experts understand the digital landscape better and has the expertise and experience to develop, track, and optimize online campaigns that can help consumers find what they are looking for.

The website development and maintenance firm offers turnkey solutions in all areas of internet marketing to ensure that your visitors transits into customers in the quickest turnabout time in the digital media cycle. Some new faces of digital marketing have a great track record in the area of custom software development for maximizing output of marketing efforts with minimum input.

Brands looking to use the new age digital medium can use the services to reach out to their target audience in an effective and cost efficient manner. Here, all efforts are focused on achieving high quality results in the internet marketing arena.